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About MEC

MEC’s vision is for every student and teacher to be powerful users of mathematics. Our vision shapes MEC’s mission.

We envision mathematics classrooms where all children and teachers:

  • think, reason, and use mathematics to make sense of the world around them
  • have a sound conceptual understanding of mathematics1 photo
  • understand number system, number relationships and concepts underlying operations
  • choose and apply appropriate strategies and algorithms to solve problems
  • use the tools of mathematics efficiently
  • work persistently to solve real, challenging and relevant problems
  • engage actively in learning mathematics.

MEC’s mission is to work in concert with educational communities to make this vision a reality.




“MEC sessions give me added clarity and ideas about how to talk with parents and teachers about how math education needs to change and is changing.”  - Principal

“I wish I would have had ‘a MEC classroom’ when I was a child. In this course, I’m starting to see the connections.”  - High School Mathematics Teacher   

“My work with MEC has completely transformed the way I approach and teach math. MEC courses model how to differentiate instruction for students, as well as making math more inquiry based.”  - 6th Grade Teacher

“MEC’s inclusion of parents, administrators and other community stakeholders is essential to improvement efforts.  - 1st Grade Teacher