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Community Engagement

The Mathematics Education Collaborative (MEC) works with districts to build local leadership capacity and community support for quality mathematics in schools.


The MEC Community Engagement Model actively involves the whole community, by uniting educators, families and community members in support of quality mathematics in schools. A well-informed community:

  • recognizes the value of providing appropriate learning experiences for all students, teachers and administrators
  • ensures that districts maintain a continuing focus on improving mathematics teaching and learning
  • supports and advocates for appropriate innovation in mathematics education.

MEC’s leadership component builds local leadership capacity to ensure engaged communities and quality mathematics programs in schools. Mathematics leaders in partnership districts learn to provide:

  • classrooms that model best practices
  • interactive workshops for parents and community members
  • professional development for K-12 teachers of mathematics
  • ongoing support for site administrators
  • guidance in textbook adoption and mathematics curriculum development
  • recommendations to address other mathematics education needs of participating regions / districts.

MEC in-service sessions are described in detail in the professional development section.



Build Capacity – Host MEC Leadership Sessions

“I learned ways to work with my child with math and now have a greater understanding of  ‘concepts’."  - Math Night Parent


“The MEC group empowers parents with ways to help their children. This is of paramount importance. They don’t overlook any stakeholders in children's math education.”  - High school Math Teacher


“This (MEC) Mathematics Content Course was a very welcoming, unthreatening environment that was an amazing place to learn math.“  - First Grade Teacher


“MEC sessions provide new insights about powerful ways to teach and learn mathematics, connects me to our math professional development initiative and helps me interact with my own 3 children.”  - Administrator