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MEC Mathematics Content Courses

Developing & Assessing Mathematics Understandings


  Content Knowledge Matters

MEC’s Mathematics Content Courses prepare K-20 educators to improve mathematics teaching and student learning. The courses are based on the premise that in order to teach powerful mathematics, teachers must deepen their own understanding of mathematics.


Course participants learn mathematics within an environment that fully models in-depth mathematical content, instructional practices, including inquiry-based mathematics, and formative and summative assessment strategies found in high-quality mathematics classrooms. The K-20 range of learners in each MEC course provides direct experience with a model for differentiated instruction that meets a wide range of learner needs. Participants experience and reflect on the utility and beauty of mathematics taught for understanding and consider how to reach every learner.

MEC summer content courses are designed to ensure that teachers are well prepared in mathematics with capacity to make instructional decisions that guide and support students as they make sense of the mathematics they are learning. Participants develop an increased understanding of the content and the trajectory of mathematical ideas across the grades. They learn to design appropriate interventions for struggling learners as well as for successful learners.

MEC Mathematics Content Courses:


 In our pilot research, we gathered preliminary evidence that MEC teachers changed in profound ways.  Not only did they learn new mathematics, but they developed new relationships with knowledge, new beliefs, and new identities as learners that changed the ways they taught students, the ways they conceived of student learning and thinking, and the ways they assessed students.  In addition the teachers entered into new relationships with colleagues that became sites for further learning of mathematics.

- Jo Boaler, Department Chair, Mathematics Education Stanford University



Mathematics Matters - Host MEC Content Courses

“MEC’s work with administrators, parents, and the community has been extraordinary. Without all groups on board, my efforts as a teacher would fall flat. With MEC’s help my principal, superintendent and parents are ready to bring about positive change in mathematics education. It is exiting to be a teacher leader in the field of mathematics!”  - 4th Grade Teacher


“MEC courses have made me excited about mathematics and sharing strategies and methods with my students. Students’ understanding of the fifth grade curriculum is rapidly increasing!”  - 5th Grade Teacher


“My involvement in MEC has given me the opportunity to spend time investigating and constructing deeper understanding of Big Ideas in mathematics.”  - Elementary Teacher


 “My classroom practice has improved so much since I began working with MEC. My students are truly engaged with math as I’ve learned to differentiate for all the learners in my classroom. The quality of their work, and their ability to handle work with levels of increasing complexity is unlike anything I have seen in my previous years of teaching.”  - 1st Grade Teacher