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The MEC Resources section highlights new and treasured resources for educators and others interested in improving mathematics teaching and learning. These valued tools promote thoughtful dialogue and inform and support educators and the public as they work to improve mathematics education. Policy-makers also use these resources.

MEC resources, including the most recent publication, Supporting School Mathematics, guide educators as they work with colleagues, parents/families and community members. Links to information, websites and position statements by professional mathematics organizations are included in this section.

MEC materials include:

  • Supporting School Mathematics
  • Mathematical Power: Lessons from a Classroom
  • Alternative Procedures and Algorithms for Computation
  • Mathematically Powerful Students
  • The Culture of Mathematics and the Culture of School Mathematics
  • Instructional Practice: Focused Survey

Additional resources are included in two other sections of the MEC website, Math at Home, and the Community Engagement (Public Awareness).





“Due to my deeper understanding of math, I’m able to see my students’ ways of solving problems and therefore guide them to their own understanding.”  - Middle School Mathematics Teacher              

“My students are beginning to develop confidence in their ability to problem solve, reason and rely on what they know as an entry point to a new idea  They are ask themselves, ‘Does this make sense?’ and reasoning their way through.” - Elementary School Teacher

”For the first time, I experienced first-hand the value of math as inquiry.  This deepened my understanding and commitment to these new strategies.”  - Principal

“I am actually being supported in my teaching and being asked to pass MEC strategies on to other teachers. I love knowing the district is committed to supporting and funding teacher training that is so badly needed.”  - 6th Grade Teacher