mathematical-power-lessons-from-a-classroomMathematical Power: Lessons from a Classroom is the story of the collaboration between two educators, Ruth Parker and Cathy Young, “to understand better what it means to teach toward the development of mathematical power in all children.” (Parker 1993, preface p xi).

The experiences described in the book Mathematical Power paint a picture of what it means to teach for understanding – and the challenges and potential for student learning. Mathematical Power: Lessons from a Classroom helps “teachers turn theory into classroom practice while addressing the complexities of:

  • selecting new mathematics content
  • planning for instruction
  • establishing a collaborative learning environment
  • helping children learn to make choices and take responsibility for their learning
  • meeting the academic and social needs of all children
  • keeping records of children’s work
  • assessing for understanding.”

By Ruth Parker (Heinemann Press, 1993). Reprinted with permission of Heinemann Press.