supporting-school-mathematicsSupporting School Mathematics: How to Work with Parents and the Public was developed under the leadership of Ruth Parker and Patty Lofgren, in collaboration with a team of nationally recognized experts in mathematics education.

This series of six books, published by Heinemann Press, 2006, supports educators as they work with parents and community members. Mathematics education leaders throughout the country use this parent workshop resource. Each book in the series outlines one session using hands-on examples to help parents and others understand what and how children learn in classrooms focused on teaching for understanding. Participants learn how children learn basic facts and develop a deep understanding of important concepts. They also learn how to extend learning at home.

The series includes the following six books:

  • Understanding Addition And Subtraction in the Primary Grades
  • Encouraging Mathematical Thinkers
  • Understanding Multiplication Across The Grades
  • Understanding Fractions Across The Grades
  • Helping with Math At Home: Ideas for Parents
  • Helping with Math At Home: More Ideas for Parents

Ruth Parker and Joan Akers Mitchell wrote the companion book, A Planning Handbook for Presenters. The handbook offers guidance for local leaders as they plan parent workshops. Mathematics education leaders throughout the country currently use the series, Supporting School Mathematics.