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The Mathematics Education Collaborative (MEC), a non-profit organization under the leadership of Ruth Parker, Patty Lofgren, and Debbie Olson, recognizes the critical need to improve mathematics education for every learner.

MEC works in partnership with schools and communities, providing powerful mathematics workshops for parents, teachers, administrators, business and community leaders, higher education faculty and others. Participants are immersed in learning environments that model pedagogical and assessment practices that optimize student learning and provide participants the opportunity to reflect upon their own practices and beliefs. MEC’s leadership development component builds capacity to implement and sustain continuous mathematics improvement imbedded in these ideals.

“I’ve had math fear my whole life. Going to Number Talks and being a part of MEC has been one of

the hardest things for me to do. However, it has now become one of the best things I’ve ever done!

Math is now my favorite subject to teach!”

Classroom Teacher

“My encounters with MEC over the past year have transformed my notion of good math education. I stand in awe of MEC’s work and its relevance to our kids and their wellbeing. Our students are benefiting everyday from insights and enthusiasm our teachers got from the summer K-20 MEC content courses.”

School District Director, Math Tutor

“Only with an informed public, knowledgable administrators, and well-prepared teachers will we secure the kinds of high quality mathematics programs that are urgently needed in schools.”

Ruth Parker, MEC Former CEO