Since its inception in 1998, MEC’s vision and mission have consistently focused our work upon empowering every learner to be a powerful user of mathematics.

With the challenges provided by the Common Core State Standards and the Standards for Mathematical Practice, there continues to be a huge need for increased numbers of mathematics leaders who can provide support to teachers and administrators in schools and districts throughout nation. Perhaps the most important lesson learned in our most current work, the MEC MSP, is that classroom teachers can be prepared as effective teacher leaders. A successful model has been developed and employed, and content workshops and support tools and resources have been developed. We know this work has had a profound impact on mathematics teaching and learning in Washington State and we are confident the work has the potential to be taken to scale.

The design of MEC’s Mathematics Leadership Model, its mathematics content courses and workshops, and its Community Engagement Model are the culmination of decades of collaboration with mathematics education leaders throughout the nation. We are grateful for the guidance they have provided and continued to provide.