School districts engaged with MEC professional development over time successfully secured community-wide support for the implementation of innovative mathematics programs in their schools.

Since 1999, MEC’s community-engagement work has taken place in more than 45 school districts in more than 15 states. MEC professional development:

  • enables teachers and administrators to secure high quality mathematics instruction
  • ensures knowledgeable teachers and administrators as well as a knowledgeable public actively advocating for powerful mathematics programs and assessment practices in elementary and secondary schools
  • builds local leadership capacity that can help ensure engaged communities and quality mathematics programs in schools
  • promotes thoughtful dialogue on an ongoing basis among all stakeholders within educational communities (teachers, administrators, students, parents, school board members, clergy, teacher educators, business partners, legislators and the public-at-large) for the purpose of securing working partnerships in support of high-quality mathematics instruction in local schools
  •  initiates continuous and sustained improvement programs that ensure each student has access to quality mathematics that allows them to reach their potential in school, life and future work of their choosing.