Deb2Debbie Olson was first introduced to MEC’s work as an invited post-secondary participant at a 9-day Patterns I course. Since that time, she has collaborated with MEC whenever possible and has worked to integrate MEC’s vision into both her classroom and other professional collaborations. Debbie is currently serving as MEC’s CEO, is facilitating sessions, and is contributing other leadership where needed. She brings her expertise as an educator and as a leader in several high-school transition and community college reform efforts.

She has been a secondary/post-secondary mathematics educator since 1997 and is a mathematics faculty member at Spokane Falls Community College. She has contributed actively to efforts such as the Spokane Area Transitions Math Project, the Riverpoint Partnership Math Project, the Rethinking Precollege Mathematics Project, and the Eastern Washington University/Community Colleges of Spokane College Spark Transitions Project. Debbie is also a Washington State Bridge to College Math Course Leader, an American Mathematical Association of Two Year College Project ACCCESS Fellow, and serves on the Executive Committee for the Washington Teachers of Teacher of Mathematics.