“What’s Math Got to Do With It? Helping Children Learn to Love Their Least Favorite Subject – And Why it’s Important for America” by Jo Boaler

This book by Jo Boaler (2008, Viking Penguin) is written to help every parent, especially if his or her child says, “I hate math!” It’s a book for educators working to improve mathematics education for every child and everyone who is concerned about improving mathematics. Jo Boaler is the Marie Curie Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Sussex in England, and previously a professor at Stanford University. Proposed solutions and advice for parents found in this book are based on the author’s research in middle and high schools.


Websites connect all stakeholders with information to consider when making decisions about how to improve mathematics teaching and learning and how to support parents and caregivers as they help their child learn high-quality mathematics.

  • Mathematically Sane. This website provides current information, analysis, evidence and resources related to mathematics education reform.
  • Figure This, National Council for Teaching Mathematics (NCTM). Figure This! is one section of the Family Corner from the National Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Figure This! provides mathematical challenges for middle-school students and families to solve together. The Family Corner offers a variety of other resources for parents, family members and others interested in helping children learn mathematics.
  • Two Mathematics Cultures. Ruth Parker offers a look at why school mathematics needs to change. Mathematically Powerful Students. Ruth shares reflections on what it means to do mathematics well.