VISION – We envision mathematics classrooms where all students:

  • Think, reason, and use mathematics to make sense of the world around them
  • Have a sound conceptual understanding of mathematics
  • Use the tools of mathematics efficiently
  • Persevere to solve real, challenging and relevant problems
  • Construct viable arguments and justify their reasoning mathematically
  • Critique the reasoning of others using mathematical principles and logic
  • Engage actively in learning mathematics
  • Are motivated to pursue further study of mathematics

We envision the same for teachers.

MISSION – Our mission is to help shift the culture in every mathematics classroom in Washington State so that mathematical reasoning becomes the norm.

To accomplish this, we work in concert with all ESDs in the state to develop a next generation of mathematics teacher leaders who are well prepared to help schools and school districts learn to enact the Washington State Mathematics Learning Standards (CCSS) and the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP).

“I have developed such a strong passion for supporting changes in math instruction.  I know that meaning-based instruction is what kids need and deserve and I’m passionate about delivering it to students in my classroom AND supporting families, teachers, and administrators to make it happen.”
Elementary Teacher, WA


at each ESD include the following:

  • One Regional Math Coordinator (RMC)
  • Four to six Regional Math Support Team teachers (RMSTs) selected from among grades 4 – 14 classroom teachers

This statewide Cadre of 53 Regional Math Support Team teachers and instructional coaches comprise a next generation of mathematics teacher leaders for WA State.