MEC’s K-20 Mathematics Content Courses ensure that teachers are well prepared in mathematics, bridge the gap between K-12 and higher education, and model differentiated instruction to meet the range of learner needs found in today’s classrooms.

Nine-day Mathematics Content Courses are for elementary, middle school, high school and university level (K-20) teachers of mathematics. MEC summer mathematics content courses immerse teachers in an environment that fully models the in-depth mathematical content, instructional practices, including inquiry-based mathematics, and assessment strategies found in high-quality mathematics classrooms. The K-20 range of learners in each MEC course provides experience with and a model for differentiated instruction that meets a wide range of learner needs. The K-20 span also results in close working relationships between K-12 teachers and higher education faculty, bridging the gap between K-12 and higher education and allowing for a more seamless transition for students across the elementary, middle and high school and university levels. The series of five MEC content courses are designed to ensure that teachers are well prepared in mathematics with capacity to make instructional decisions that support improved student learning.