Numerical Reasoning Workshops are for teacher groups (K-2, 3-4, 5-6, or 7-10). This semi-annual one-day series of sessions focuses on numerical reasoning as the foundation for success in algebra and beyond. The cross-grade format promotes articulation across the grades and supports teachers as they work to improve their instructional practice. Teachers actively engage in each session, deepening their mathematical understandings, and then transfer new understandings into classroom practice.  Teachers learn to examine and build on children’s mathematical ideas. Teachers also learn how to use productive questioning to support students as they develop deep understandings of the number system, number relationships, and operations. This MEC component focuses on the importance of helping students develop the knowledge and skill needed to reason numerically. Teachers learn how to build student capacity to think flexibly, as well as choose and use appropriate strategies and algorithms to solve problems, verify results and justify the accuracy of their thinking and solutions.