Ruth Parker, Cathy Humphreys, and the Mathematics Education Collaborative are pleased to announce…


Transforming Mathematics Classrooms through Number Talks:

A Leadership Academy

 in Washington State


MEC has received majority funding of this project through College Spark Washington and has established Number Talks Support Teams in multiple regions around the state of Washington.


This project is implementing similar project components and building on the success of the MEC MSP while using Number Talks as the vehicle for transforming mathematics instruction. We are very excited by those who are committed to partnering with us in this professional development and leadership development endeavor!

For important project details, please refer to the following documents:

Project Flyer – This flyer was used to reach out to possible Number Talks Support Teams. Teams are now confirmed.

Project Plan – Learn more about the intent and scope of the work.

How Number Talks Transform Classrooms – Learn how Number Talks will be used to bring about fundamental shifts for both students and teachers.

Letters of Commitment – MEC is no longer accepting letters of commitment. This document is posted for reference only.

Summer 2017 Dates and Locations – Dates and locations for project activities in Summer 2017

2017-2018 NTST Expectations – Expectations for Number Talks Support Teachers during the 2017-2018 school year

Summer 2018 Dates and Locations – Find the dates and locations for project activities in Summer 2018

Summer 2019 Dates and Locations – Date and locations for project activities in Summer 2019

If you have questions about this project, please contact MEC using the form to the right!


We are excited to be working with these teams to profoundly impact mathematics teaching and learning in Washington State!