These workshops prepare leaders to plan and implement community math nights for parents, caregivers and other stakeholders.

The workshops are based on the six-book workshop resource Supporting School Mathematics. Developed under the leadership of Ruth Parker and Patty Lofgren in collaboration with a team of nationally recognized experts in mathematics education, each book in the series outlines one session. Each session uses hands-on examples that help parents and caregivers and others understand what mathematics students need to know, how children learn mathematics, characteristics of mathematics classrooms that focus on teaching for understanding, and ways to help their children learn math at home.

Format One: 1 1/2-day Supporting School Mathematics Leadership Workshop
Participants watch a Supporting School Mathematics session as it is presented to parents and the public by MEC staff. They then work the following day to review the workshop, address the mathematics involved, and prepare to deliver the session for parents and teachers in their own school communities.
Format Two: 3 1/2-day Supporting School Mathematics Leadership Workshop
To begin the workshop, participants observe a math night session for parents. Then, they experience four Supporting School Mathematics sessions for parents, unpack the mathematics involved, and learn about MEC’s research on working with parents and the public. Participants practice responding to frequently asked questions and also prepare a plan for working with parents in their communities. Participants each receive all six Supporting School Mathematics Presenter’s Guides.

Leaders and future leaders of sessions for parents and caregivers of students in grades K-8.