This 5-day workshop engages teachers as learners while modeling fully the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP) that are at the heart of the CCSS. The workshop focuses on the core CCSS content for Data & Statistics across grades 4 through high school. Participants will have opportunities to develop and/or deepen their own understanding of a range of mathematical tools and ideas including the following:

  • analyzing data and statistical arguments
  • collecting and organizing data as a means of answering questions
  • identifying trends in data
  • tools to organize, interpret and represent data (for example: box and whisker, stem and leaf, circle graphs, line plots, histograms, scatter plots)
  • measures of center, spread and shape
  • normal distribution and standard deviation

Participants will engage as independent problem solvers and in small collaborative groups with tasks that are classroom appropriate. Assessment practices that optimize student learning are modeled.