MEC Number Talks Support Modules

    These MEC Number Talks Support Modules were developed as a part of the 2017-2020 project Transforming Mathematics Classrooms through Number Talks: A Leadership Academy in Washington State, funded partially by College Spark Washington.

    They were intentionally designed to be used exclusively by prepared leaders to support practitioners who also have experienced MEC's 2-day Number Talks Institute.

    Please read carefully the following Terms of Use for the modules. You must indicate your agreement to these terms, by entering your name below, to access the module materials.

    Terms of Use
    1) Modules are to be facilitated only by NTSTs (Number Talks Support Teachers from MEC's Number Talks Leadership Academy) OR teachers who have been mentored by an NTST. Any facilitator must also

    • have experienced the same modules first as a learner, and
    • have put the ideas in the modules to work in a classroom (for example, a teacher should only facilitate the Nudging module after they have used the Nudging approaches and reflected upon their use in a classroom).

    2) Modules are intended for use with practitioners who

    • have previously attended one of MEC's 2-day Number Talk Institutes OR have experienced the “Supporting Sense-Making with Number Talks” session as learners, and
    • are attempting to implement Number Talks in a classroom.

    3) All modules are to remain intact and used as designed. As facilitators, NTSTs will certainly make adjustments (ordering of activities, time spent on each activity, etc.) as needed to meet the needs of their particular group. However, modules should not be disassembled and used in ways that differ significantly from those described in the materials.

    4) All who participate in a Number Talks Support Module will complete the online survey using the link at the end of each module's PowerPoint slide show.

    5) All facilitators will complete the online survey at the end of each module’s Facilitator Guide.

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